Religious Leaders Support Clemency for Dr. Shakur

In his own words, Rev. Kamal Hassan firmly believes that, “The church must be engaged in efforts to mend the tear in our social fabric that has caused so many of us to focus solely on our individual needs and ignore the sufferings of others. To be true to our prophetic calling the people of God must act locally for justice, peace, and freedom, while also considering the global implications of our work. We must take seriously the urgent need to participate in the building of a new heaven and a new earth, because in a faithful and relevant church there is hope for the entire world.”  It is through Dr. Shakur’s work for justice, peace and freedom while incarcerated that Rev. Hassan and his wife Makini came to know Dr. Shakur:

I’ve known Dr. Shakur since the 1990’s when invited to support special educational and cultural programs that were organized by Dr. Shakur at Lompoc Prison, where he was incarcerated. His dedication to the encouragement and education of others was evident in those efforts to provide connections between us in the community and those incarcerated. I believe his dedication and commitment has encouraged successful transitions for hundreds who have experienced more meaning and opportunity outside the prison system.

It was his wonderful example that prompted us to ask him to be the godfather of our beloved daughter, Aiyisha. We are grateful for his meaningful expressions of interest and love to our family, and so many others, even while being personally impacted by his incarceration.

Related to Dr. Shakur’s expertise as an acupuncturist, I’ve had the opportunity to experience positive results from acupuncture treatment for chronic health conditions, and I do believe that many in underserved communities would greatly benefit from his expertise and dedication.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur is a highly principled, caring, well respected, is beloved by thousands; and is greatly needed on the “outside,” as we strive to find demonstrable solutions to challenging conditions that disproportionately impact communities of color. In addition, while aging, and experiencing extreme conditions in prison, he has developed chronic health conditions that deserve comprehensive care and support.

It’s past time for Dr. Mutulu Shakur to receive executive clemency, and we ask that this consideration be provided by President Obama as a high priority.

Peace and Blessings,

Makini Hassan

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