It is with a heavy heart we announce the transition of our beloved Mutulu Shakur from this worldly plane on July 7, 2023. May the ancestors and spirit guides welcome him with love and peace for our fearless warrior of the Black Liberation Struggle. He was able to live out his last days free from imprisonment surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Family and Friends of Mutulu Shakur has a long history of loving support during his 38 years of incarceration. Support provided by you, the countless supporters who sent in donations to support his needs in prison and for his legal battles fought to gain his freedom. You all have always been there at his side, he and we are forever grateful for the love that enabled him to stay steady during those long years, and helped him with an easy transition as he navigated his life outside of prison.

It is at this time we want to express gratitude to the Family and Friends of Mutulu Shakur members who through their vision, love, support and dedication kept the drum beat for his freedom during those long years. Those now with the ancestors: Churne Lloyd (uncle of Mutulu, and founder of FFMS), George Edward Tait, Sidney Wilson and the countless others who gave legal counsel, fundraising assistance, tech support, sent in cards, letters, books, natural medicines, prayers, the love pouring in kept Mutulu’s heart full, much gratitude to all of you.

In his words: “we must have more love for each other” as we continue our work for human rights and dignity. Straight Ahead!

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Dr. Shakur participated in civil rights, Black liberation and acupuncture healthcare movements from the late 1960s to the 1980s. It was a period of civil conflict in which millions of Americans participated in social movements for justice and freedom. See full bio


The 2020 documentary film, Dope is Death, and the associated podcast elucidates Dr. Shakur's healing work and part of what led up to his legal case: