2021 Health and Legal Update

On October 14th, the stem cell irrigation started. On October 20th, I had a mandatory parole hearing, which I was again denied. I was notified of this denial on January 12th, and my next hearing will be in 2022. The final stage of the stem cell transplant took place from October 28th until November 14th, during which I was hospitalized. Upon my return from the stem cell procedure in November, I received the denial of compassionate release by the sentencing judge. Two days later, I was infected with COVID-19, in light of my immune system being compromised from stem cell replacement. I was put in quarantine in an unfavorable isolated area of the unit. I survived and won the battle to overcome the virus– now I am in the recovery period.

We are still waiting on a district Judge ruling on the Ninth Circuit habeas corpus petition and a response from the BOP on the renewed compassionate release petition in light of COVID-19. Not surprisingly, all past decisions have referred to a pre-trial motion filed in 1988 as a consideration in denying my release. This I believe is contrary to the spirit and intent of pre-trial motions, but more importantly offers no facts or law pertaining to the relief requested, from the manipulation of constitutional right filed in 3 federal jurisdictions over the 30-odd years of carrying out this sentence. Again I want to thank you all. There are still some avenues for release to explore available and I’m requesting your support.

I continue to hope that you are all healthy and using your wisdom to stay so. This virus is no joke, and clearly apolitical.

Mud and Water,
Dr. Mutulu Shakur

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3 thoughts on “2021 Health and Legal Update

  1. Aleta Toure

    We would like to get an interview please on our cooperative’s weekly 60 Minute Black Radical Tradition Virtual Broadcast.

    It Is Our Duty!

    Every Sunday 5pm PT/ 8 pm EST

  2. Bro. Keene

    Peace and Blessings to you dear brother elder and soldier! I’m deeply saddened to hear that they denied you yet again. Glad to hear you beat Covid. I just want to thank you for your sacrifice! I’ve been studying you, your work, and your case since 2003-2004. May The Most High bless you to stay strong , and my He bless us with the victory of setting you free and bringing you home.


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