Mutulu Granted Parole

Today, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, a 72-year-old grandfather and respected healer and elder was granted parole by the US Parole Commission. The Parole Commission has recognized that his release poses no risk, particularly in light of his medical condition. He will be released shortly. Mutulu is one of thousands of incarcerated older people in federal and state prisons who has been repeatedly denied parole for over a decade after completing his minimum sentence.

Mutulu is deeply grateful and thankful for the broad expression of trust and support, and thanks everyone who has helped him over the years. We ask that he have space and time to be with family when he is released and to continue receiving medical treatment.

We welcome him home with great joy.

Many people have asked what they can do to support him. Family & Friends of Mutulu Shakur is continuing to collect donations that will go to support his transition to life outside prison. The only official ways to donate are listed on our Ways to Support page.

8 thoughts on “Mutulu Granted Parole

  1. Heath

    Brother Mutulu I loved your son Tupac he was a great king and I know he is with Jesus in heaven because he truly believed in him.and prayed to him every day that’s what he said I. His own words. Thank you for helping to raise Tupac and what you have done for others human beings does not go unnoticed my prayers are with you in your flight from cancer. One love brother

  2. Velma Janet White-Anderson

    Our prayers are answered. Yet we will not stop praying for My Nephew’s health to be better than ever. Healing and continued longevity of painless living full of the Spirit of Christ.

  3. Bonnie Kerness

    My generation of activists, revolutionaries, people who cared suffered so much. It was an extraordinary generation. We brought Sundiata home. Now Mutulu. There is still so much work to be done. There are too many others who are imprisoned, who have served sentences elongated unconscionably.


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