Souls Journal on Mutulu Shakur Released Online

For a limited time, the full text of the Souls Journal volume on Mutulu Shakur (“Free the Land, Free the People: The Political Significance of Dr. Shakur’s Legacy) is available online. Print copies will be available soon and stay tuned for seminars and events in the coming months!

Table of Contents:

Guest Editors’ Note by Akinyele Umoja & Susan Rosenberg

Straight Ahead: The Life of Resistance of Dr. Mutulu Shakur by Akinyele Umoja

The Seed: History of the Original Acupuncture Detoxification Program at Lincoln Hospital by Mutulu Shakur & Urayoana Trinidad

The Struggle for International Political Recognition for New Afrikan/Black Freedom Fighters by Mutulu Shakur

Toward a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for New African/Black Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War and Freedom Fighters by Mutulu Shakur

To My Son Tupac by Mutulu Shakur

Revolutionary Doctor, Revolutionary Lawyer by Rukia Lumumba

Who Is a Prisoner of War? Mutulu Shakur and the Struggle for Black Liberation by Natsu Taylor Saito

COINTELPRO Continues: Dr. Mutulu Shakur by Susan Rosenberg & Linda Evans

“Non-Recognition of the Law Does Not Invalidate It”: The Status of BLA and Provisional IRA Prisoners by Ward Churchill

Interview with Formerly Incarcerated Men about Dr. Shakur’s Impact by J. Jondhi Harrell, Cedric Lines, Leo Sullivan & Mshairi Siyanda

Dr. Mutulu Shakur and the Holistic Healing of Acupuncture and Political Education: A Review of Dope is Death by Asantewa Sunni-Ali


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