In Honor of Sister Beverly Hutchinson, Acupuncturist

Since God is indeed the best knower
It is plain there was a plan
So you were placed upon the earth
To heal the wounds of wo/man
As time and experience spread your wings
Better and greater have you become
Earning the applause of all your peers
Value all that you have done
Both of your hands are touched with magic
Real power you do possess
Let the world stand amazed and awed
You have truly passed the test


Sister Beverly Hutchinson started, as a patient of Urayoana Trinidad’s at First World Acupuncture in Harlem, doing volunteer work.  Around 1989, she was admitted to the Swedish Institute in New York City where she studied at their School of Massage Therapy and Allied Health Services.  She went on to complete the course of study, became, and is now a licensed massage therapist.  Sister Beverly then entered their school of Acupuncture and Oriental Studies and graduated in 1999.

We honor Sister Beverly, a great person, healer, and motivator.  She has struggled to qualify as an acupuncturist not for those who know her, because she has always demonstrated the healing hands of power, but for this system’s required legalization.  Sister Beverly’s accomplishments validate the integrity of the history of those institutions.

Sister Beverly has steadfastly evolved from one healing stage to the next, building a foundation of credentials, varying treatment modalities and confidences as an alternative health worker for the people.

Sister Beverly mentors the First World Master Instructor Professor, Urayoana, not only becoming a sensitive healer, but doing the things that make you committed to your people and your community.

On a very personal level, Sister Beverly has provided organizational, personal assurances, and faith in our goals to build friends and family support committees for my case, and the principle upon which my life has been dedicated.  During my isolation period in the maximum security prison, she confirmed that natural healing would be one of the most important aspects of my politicization that would be out front as a basis of gaining support for my case.

While I continue to express to her a continuing maturing of her skills, I would like to express my belief that she will be victorious.

Sister Beverly is a baby of sorts of our cadre by receiving her honors, though long overdue, at a crucial time in history- post 9-11, a period where I do believe the oppressed community will be facing untold health crises of tremendous dimensions.  As socially-conscious healers, we will need strong leadership among us.

We will be charging Sister Beverly to examine the alternative health scene to see who will be ready to make the transition from the original political healer to the next wave.

We celebrate her award, our recognition of her personal and professional struggle, and we support her in the task ahead of her.  This will encompass taking a comprehensive leadership role in integrating and fortifying coalitions that will prepare for this very intense future.

In referring to Dr. Beverly as Sister, it is not a formal gender reference, and not solely a racial reference.  I refer to Dr. Beverly as Sister because, in essence, she is part of my family; and she has been the sister to the family of healers and organizations in our circle.  She is a sister of whom I am proud, proud to be called her Brother and comrade.

Much respect and love to you.  I am honored to have been a part of your history.

Prepare for war.  Prepare for national disaster.

Do all that you can for your people.

Deny yourself nothing.
Stiff Resistance,
Dr. Mutulu Shakur

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