To the Mothers on Mother’s Day

In life, all women are mothers.

I’d like to take this time in my life to recognize all of the magnificent, intricate, inspiring women that have molded my existence. The courage I have gained from their love for me has taught me to believe, depend on, and trust that love. I truly could not have emerged into the person I am today without the special critiques, direction, ideas and love from you all for which I am so thankful.

As life’s true importance settles my path for a better tomorrow, I keep in my heart that advice. I continue to speak the words of all of the uniqueness you all represent. Every infinite aspect means so much as I travel this path. We males, so many times, have missed the happiness that comes from the source of listening to you. We are surely lost without you, for you shape and form our spirit. Please do not give up on us; and I promise you, we will teach each other to try harder to earn your love and respect. For whatever I mean to you, I am thankful and proud, and I wear the confident smile.

Stiff Resistance,
Mutulu Shakur

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