Summer 2017 Legal Update

Your support is meaningful; it provides valuable insight into the ever evolving world and culture outside these penitentiary walls. I find inspiration in your expressions of compassion, dedication and curiosity.

I continue to dedicate myself to the principles of Truth and Reconciliation. We all must search our hearts for the strength to heal, use our creativity to teach, express ourselves and continue to learn. Consider that in today’s time, over 600,000 opioid and opioid derivatives are prescribed everyday in this country. The struggle against addiction is where we began; today it continues and we must find ways to contribute and have an impact.

The fight for freedom is ongoing; from the denial of mandatory parole to Obama’s non-response to my Clemency petition. I will again be considered for parole in 2018. We are conducting a comparative analysis of those granted pardons and those denied. The basis for those decisions can indicate useful information and insight into the unprecedented current political climate of fake news and disinformation. We must “Stay Woke,” just as Erykah Badu has encouraged us.

AEOMThe arts have always played a role as a catalyst for change. Production of the biopics, “All Eyez on Me” and “Resurrection,” indicate that our culture continues to demand inspiration. I have been contributing to the production of a documentary focused on the Lincoln Detox and BAAANA clinics. These projects are about defining our legacies and ensuring their survival. The Tupac Amaru legacy has and will continue to penetrate culture around the world; this is on my oath.

You are able to continue showing your support by writing a letter to the US Parole Commission in preparation for my 2018 hearing. Details on where and when to send the letter to Family and Friends of Mutulu Shakur will be posted on I look forward to a brighter 2018 and the manifestation of dreams yet to come.

Pray for me and picture me rollin’,
Dr. Mutulu Shakur

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