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In Honor of Walter Bosque

Dr. Walter Bosque has been a pillar of the struggle for alternative healthcare for three decades.  His struggle for accreditation was not to validate himself professionally but to allow his skills as a healer to be placed at the service of people in need.

As part of the organized acupuncture collective I had the honor and privilege to be a comrade with Brother Walter in the struggle to advance acupuncture as a method for treating drug addiction.

The role people play is best understood within the context of history.  In the early 1970’s Dr. Bosque was involved in the struggle for the independence of his nation, Puerto Rico.  He also fought to improve the quality of life of the people who were targeted for a drug plague- a plague started by the same government that has been oppressing his nation.

In the south Bronx, the Lincoln Detox Program was started by the people of two nations struggling for their right to self-determination.  The trust gained in order that we might be allowed to research the effect if acupuncture on drug addiction and the related secondary symptoms required honor among our collective- a code made among ourselves that had to be evident to patients and the masses.  Within this context, the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) made it a high priority to divide the Puerto Rican and New Afrikan people.  Dr. Bosque responded by demonstrating such a high degree of cross-cultural competence and skill that it could only have been due to his love of all people.  Thus, without his work, the efforts of the US government and the various pharmaceutical companies in their war against Lincoln Detox to divide and conquer would ave succeeded.

We honor a man with a wonderful spirit- a man whose contributions have gone unrecognized for too long.  We honor a man who has fought his battles and has survived to struggle another day.

Today I have a chance t express my respect and love to Dr. Walter Bosque, my friend and comrade.  Long live your example.  Congratulations.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur

In Tribute to Dr. Kokayi Patterson

Dr. Kokayi comes to his training in an exceptional way.  He was one of the cadre who was a victim of chemical genocide tactics when introduced to the healing art of acupuncture.  He also made his mark in a therapeutic community, which looked at the politics of their addiction as a key element of the treatment program.

Although he struggled in Washington, DC – quite a distance fro the core base in the Bronx where the initial work in this field was being done – he maintained clarity and his determination enabled him to develop his art and skills as a healer.

We first heard of Kokayi through the great neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Matthew, who in the early 1970’s ran a program called N.E.G.R.O., which operated from location in New York and Washington, DC.  The program was designed to confront the drug plague and a basic principle was self-reliance.  Dr. Matthew told us about a drug program in DC called RAP, Inc., which ran its therapeutic sessions on the same principles as Lincoln Detox, that is, political education sessions.  RAP intensely opposed all forms of methadone.  We were told that the program was run by Brother Ron Clarke, and that a dynamic young Brother by the name of Kokayi ran the political education sessions.

Back then, a major target of the struggle was the National Drug Abuse Council.  This was the federal agency that made policy concerning the so-called war on drugs.  What they tried to do was shape the thinking in the field to support methadone maintenance and the Rockefeller Program.  Alternative treatment modalities were being increasingly ignored.  Their policy was to fund only methadone programs, and to diminish funding to drug-free alternatives.  Dr. Kokayi Patterson and his comrades Brothers Yango Sawyer and Ron Clarke supported our struggles to expose and criticize this agency.  Bro. Kokayi, a transformed drug victim, gave a dynamic presentation at the National Drug Abuse Council convention articulating the benefits of alternative treatments.

Dr. Kokayi Patterson has always been n the struggle for his people’s right to self-determination.  His self-acclamation as a New Afrikan was a powerful personal transformation.  His love for his comrades and his sacrifices cannot be fully presented in this venue but there is no question that he is a freedom fighter.

His tour of duty includes RAP, Inc., Blacks Against Abuse of Drugs, Lincoln Detox, Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America, and the Republic of New Afrika.  Yet, he continues to provide the healing art to the masses and continues the legacy of his fallen comrades in both the healing struggle and the liberation movement.

For this, I am grateful, my Brother.  You honor our ancestors with your ability to survive and be productive.  Dr. Kokayi Patterson, by little Brother, I am truly proud of you and congratulate you on being a recipient of this award.

Stay true to your essence.  May we heal more than they destroy.  Much love and respect.

Stiff Resistance,
Dr. Mutulu Shakur


Honoring Urayoana Trinidad, Acupuncturist

This award has a very special meaning to me, for if it were not for Urayoana the history of BAANA would have a very different path.

I’m not only extremely honored, but grateful as well, to Urayoana for her dedication, foresight, and humanity that gave forth to the second generation of our dreams and hopes of BAANA legacy.

In the beginning, in the early 70’s, through her discipline as a psychologist she watched with a clinical eye at the practice and style of work at Lincoln Detox.  Clearly interested as a natural rebel, she and her partner Shaheem at all times supported us professionally, politically as well as personally.  Those were the ‘Hay Days’ of Lincoln Detox and acupuncture.

The National Institute of Health, the National Drug Abuse Council, Addiction Service Agency of New York and the Health and Hospital Cooperation- not to say anything of the COINTELPRO infiltration of the FBI the boss in NYC directed by personal vindictiveness by the then Board of Estimate Chairman, Ed Koch, and his henchmen Charles Schummer and National Caucus of Labor Committee under the leadership of Lyndon LaRauge- made our lives under extreme pressure almost impossible and fending off licensing.  We were developing and preparing proposals for every aforementioned agency to satisfy research protocols, provide treatment and fight hand-to-hand combat in the street to survive.  Although, at this point not a part of the treatment team, Urayoana with her credentials assisted professionally, therapeutically and fought with us at every level.

As one of the most dedicated students at Lincoln Hospital, she fought to keep the classes and treatment available when the only building left functioning was the nurses residence.

I would like to take this time to thank Urayoana for her steadfastness in continuing the dreams of Lincoln Detox and BAANA Acupuncture Unit and for all of the aforementioned sacrifices as we saw it demystifying the art of healing called acupuncture-  to make it available for the masses as an economically feasible treatment moderately accessible in the community.  Thereby we put in the hands of the masses a skill that could be used on the grassroots level to confront the drug plagues be they methadone, heroin, cocaine, crack, alcohol or to confront the contradictions of overuse of prescription drugs.

It is so important in one’s life that we see our dreams and sacrifices come to fruition when faced with overwhelming odds.

Urayoana, mind you suffer much as we are all now aware of the stress and trauma of ‘low-intensity warfare,’ brought on by COINTELPRO during the government’s attempt to destroy BAANA.  Urayoana’s husband at the time spent almost 3 years in prison for refusing to collaborate with the government’s ‘witch hunt.’  This wonderful sister kept her family together, organized a structure to support other grad jury resisters and build a support structure to continue the healing at BAANA.

For that I’m so thankful and proud to have been a part of her development.  Sister Urayoana, from the beginning, has always been cerebral, allowing her mind to dictate her destiny.  Her journey into the art of healing has demonstrated to her that the mind is not stronger than the soul. In the end, when faced with personal crisis and political oppression and a determination to show love and respect to her instructors, patients and most of all to her principles, it was her soul that gave force to the development of First World Acupuncture.

We recognize tonight an exceptional warrior for the people.  Her honor is well, well deserved.  Her wounds inflicted from her sacrifice must be comforted with our love.  Our legacy must continue and so it will, thanks to the principle and love and soul of Urayoana.

From mine eyes, rivers run up the stream
confidence flows through the
veins – clarity is a friend of mine – reigning in my life before me
dashing energy while enlightening
my essence – making me whole

I love you my Sister
I’m proud of you
I give you my respect
for I know that very few
things worthwhile come easy

As always, prepare for war, prepare for natural disasters and do all that we can for the people.  This you exemplify!

Aim high and go all out!!
Still Resistant!
Dr. Mutulu Shakur