Upcoming Parole Hearing: August 2014

Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur are preparing for the next parole hearing which is scheduled for August 2014.  Dr. Shakur will have spent almost 30 years incarcerated at that point.  There is no doubt in our minds that he is ready to return to life outside of prison and be a productive member of society.  Stay tuned for updates.

Preparation for the parole hearing involves considerable legal expenses.  Please consider making a donation to help with the costs.

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Parole Hearing: August 2014

  1. Dr. Betty Rodgers

    When I was earing my Doctorate degree, I researched rap music as the deaths of 2Pac and Biggie disturbed my spirit terribly. I was not into rap but needed to know more thus understanding the loss of two lives aspiring in the entertainment industry. The research opened all kinds of doors even one leading to any/all questions a person could have about Al Capone (which turned out to be more of a positive than a negative). I dug very deep to learn all I could about 2Pac, his family and friends. He and I became very close spiritually. I even prayed to him one night asking him, “Pac…….did you every use any of the writings from your father, Mutulu, in your music as the words in your music are very powerful?” One night at a later date, I had a dream where he said one word, YES!!!!!!! Good luck at your hearing. Prayer to THE FATHER GOD is the ONLY WAY TO GET FAVOR…..please don’t forget to do it as I will be praying for you as well as my ministry. Dr. Betty

  2. Michelle MiMi Pannell

    May God open up the doors to your release back into what we call society. Know that God can and will show favor when it comes to his children. May God bless you and your family and I will continue to pray for your long awaited release to come. God Bless and keep your head up.

  3. Satswana

    There is a Powerful force that is waiting for us to stand in unity & love to redeem back this land. Words can not express my admiration for your endurance! I speak Freedom in all aspects be it physically & financially! HOTEP FREEDOM FOREVER!

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  5. Luis Felipe Alvarez O

    Dear Dr Mutulu . My name is Luis Alvarez and write from Chile, the motive is to ask about their development work at a time with respect to the NADA protocol , at one time came people from the U.S. to take a course about it and asked who knew about their contribution to the creation of this protocol in the Bronx and was told not even know who he was, they belong to the organization since 1998. ‘ve have had the pleasure to read the interview in which you mention that your child remembers TU- PAC , to see him play with the ears of the patient, good to know that for me Auriculotherapy is a technique that I love and want to know firsthand as him why he began to take shape this protocol , it is hard to imagine the DR Smith may have had the arrival in the Bronx was not for your help . This email is written in Spanish and translated into Internet and not handling the English , would be nice if I had response from you . I cordially firing an admirer of his work in the time given to addicts .

  6. Kamal Al-Adil

    Peace to you brother and may The Creator give you Freedom. You reserve the opportunity to see for yourself the misconduct that has being going on. Our youths have taken the influence and turned it around not on purpose though. Our youths has been mis directed and most self directed without any form of knowledge of self. We have too many instruments of revolutionaries not realizing thats not the right fight for our people. Our fight must maintain integrity and moral we must fight in the schools amd entreprenuer aspects. Too many are self directing themselves amd joining like minda to feel their struggle. So i hope that The Creator can allow you to see for yourself what you help start has become totally disloyal and corrupted. May TuPac Continue through spirit amd May his Mother Ms. Shakur continue with strehtg. Also may You Dr. Shukur be given the respect for payung your dues and released so you can see for yourself.

  7. william cheeks

    I strongly support the release of Dr. Mutulu Shakur via parole in August 2014. I would like to ask you is it possible for myself and other people to write letters of support to specific people at the federal parole board in Washington, D.C? If so, can you please give the address and telephone number of the person or persons that people across the United States and world can write to. I hope that a massive letter writing and telephone campaign can be created so that Dr. Shakur will be released from prison when he has his parole hearing in August 2014. I hope that this suggestion will make a difference to help get Dr. Shakur out of prison. Thank You.

    1. Family and Friends Post author

      His legal team is not currently seeking support letters from the general public, but if you know him personally or were mentored by him, please email mutulushakur[at]hotmail.com and we will send you information on where to send a letter of support.

  8. fabian

    Free mutulu he done his time he deserves aotha chance in life free mutulu much love n respect tripy from watts cali

  9. Bola Girl

    I supposed after one has enough experience with a system it’s ideologies, inconsistency, discrimination, fear, oppression, bureaucracy and above all greed one can come to a place in mind of freedom far more abundant than that system and all it’s got, a place of spirituality knowledge disciple selflessness and success and a protected wealth that this world cannot damage nor take away… and then for us, those certain souls, there hope enough to span an afterlife. I hope for you, pray you that even if these gates don’t open following appeal… the gates above will one day greet you with approval based on sacrifice for the betterment of a people. Blessings Dr. (PAC wherever you are #PSILOVEYOU


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