May 2019 Letter to Supporters

I would like to thank you for the support. I received your letters/cards, and they are greatly appreciated. So many of you know my methods of communication leave a lot to be desired, but my desire is to assure you that your letters and questions in relation to the issues we are all concerned with are important to me. It fuels my fire to move forward and not give up.

I would like to say that many of your questions I tried to answer over the years in various forms of interviews, commentary, while also giving a historical analysis. In the event that you don’t have knowledge of these platforms where you can find needed information in relation to me or answers to some of the questions you may have, you can find them on my website:, Facebook group: “FREE Mutulu Shakur,” or Instagram & Twitter: @FreeDrMShakur. Though I am not the direct administrator over those platforms, it is my understanding that the information provided is usually accurate while every detail may not be available and every detail did not come directly from “the horse’s mouth.” If you need more please ask, and I do appreciate those platforms’ efforts to support.

The last time we spoke, I informed you we were preparing for the filing of my Federal complaint, which unfortunately was not successful. At this point, Judge Wilson’s court order– after denying an oral argument– stated the following; “Circuit case law supports the conclusion that plaintiff’s claims can be made in a section 2241 petition, even though a favorable resolution of the claims might not necessarily lead to speedier release. Third, plaintiff has not identified any alternative vehicle to section 2241 for seeking relief. The court thus dismisses plaintiff’s claims and suggests that plaintiff for a writ of habeas corpus.” We will now be appealing this decision and filing a Habeas Corpus.

It seems to me that the new, recently-elected women of the 2019 Congress are demonstrating political back bone. In an entrenched chamber, their unwarranted targeting for exposing obvious contradictions in Congress requires civic and political awareness by our young women– and men, they will need your support and your critical analysis to give them courage and create political space and capital. That will allow them to continue to confront the abuse of power and the exercise of Congressional favoritism, and give them space for their creative policies.

It is evident that from many sacrifices and consistent challenges to racially disparaging laws, targeting Black and Brown people involved in the underground economy of drugs and opioids keeping them victims trapped in a cycle of economic despair, that the Crack law was unjust, legally indefensible, and contempt to the US constitution. Because of this awareness, we have seen limited, but real, relief coming from the courts: Senator Corey Booker, Van Jones, Jared Kushner and Trump’s First Step Act Bill has resulted in many people getting relief of their sentence. Yes, there is serious criticism that can be leveled, but after spending almost 40 years in prison, to see men and women going home in a correction of a wrong is encouraging and important.

Do not think for a moment that the exposure of the Crack law will discourage those who are hell-bent on creating laws specifically to affect the underclass, Black and Brown of the Nation. There is a statute in the law, titled ” 924(c)” (the use or carry of a firearm in the midst of a drug trafficking or violent crime), that is not similarly applied to violators in the areas of the NRA political strongholds. Research from the community and surveys will determine that this has replaced the new Crack laws in targeting the underserved, and compounding by stacking mandatory terms of 25-year sentences. It is not uncommon to see young men and women with little to no criminal history being subject to hundreds of years in prison due to this statute. Due to the realization and correction of the law, it has been repealed, but still thousands of the initial victims of the law languish in prison because the law was not made retroactive. Here we go again with the same pattern of delay in ruling to determine whether it will become applicable to all the victims of the law, like the Crack law. This cup is not half full. It is said, ‘take no easy victories, the victory must be earned and the task understood.’

The “Redemption Project” creates public awareness and speaks to the necessity of a process for alternative conflict resolution, and, similar to Margaret Burnham’s “Restorative Justice Project,” is another step towards the road to alternative dispute mechanisms while we’re searching for needed healing. These dispute mechanisms have been implemented all over the world to heal our eternal pain of violence and horizontal aggression that we have inflicted on each other, and have been the target of. To understand and heal our souls requires various forms of Truth and Reconciliation, restorative justice and redemption. Paul said, “Try them all.”  Do not underestimate our ability to confront our pain and criticism for the purposes of healing. We must have faith that we can heal, and healing is a process that requires creativity and endurance. There can be no recompence to personal suffering and pain of innocence, but that is the caveat of Redemption and Reconciliation. If a comprehensive approach is found, it can stop there. If you let vengeance stop you from saving a life, the grief will stay with you for life; we must heal. The Redemption Project speaks to real pain caused by historical events, and it requires both that circumstances be properly analyzed and forms of reparations to be addressed. Such as could be done with the COINTELPRO, church bombings, voting rights in souther states, etc. so that those victims may feel inclusive in their process to democracy.

This last summer the FBI identified “Black Identity groups” for domestic surveillance, with no plausible rationale that could be explained but the obvious,  by then, Attorney General Burger session. If history has taught us anything, this will lead into another period of abuse of power and criminalization of thought. This would create another class of abused people detracting from hopes and aspirations for their race. To ensure some safeguards and not to be a fortune teller, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to monitor and provide a platform that abuses of such power will be addressed could be developed. This would naturally reach a reconciliation phase such as was done in Ireland, Argentina, Uganda, and South Africa. These three steps of creative, objective conflict resolution processes as a dispute mechanism may lead to healing.

There will be a documentary coming out soon this year, on Lincoln Detox Acupuncture drug unit history. That will explain important history about acupuncture and my involvement. I know a lot of you ask me many questions based on this topic, and have lots of interest as well. I believe this documentary will answer a lot of your questions. Please support this project, and stayed tuned for its release.

The painful loss of Nipsey Hussle seems to have snatched hopes and possibility from us all, and yes it always seems there’s something like that. Our loss of my son Tupac, as well as Biggie, reminds us of this type of despair. Do not despair; it is now time to struggle for reconciliation and alternative resolution inside of our community. The only way to end grief is to save a life. Critique, heal and create, so that we can rebuild. Pain will almost always be there, but as my son said, “how long will you mourn me?” More importantly, what will you do to memorialize them? I send my love and respect from the Shakur family to Nipsey’s family. The royalties of the ceremony was unforgettable, and we thank you. Well done to the Red and Blue; they honored his purpose on this plane with their unity. RIP Nipsey… they’re working on it.

The struggle is always for freedom
Long live the independent schools of our community
Dr. Mutulu Shakur

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  1. Nykieria Chaney

    Thank you for your words, your sacrifice, your struggle, your being. I’ve created a play on Fred Hampton and that led me to your work. I will continue researching and learning more about you. I will share!


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