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Fight the Good Fight – Brooklyn NYC & Toronto – November 10th & 17th, 2013

PrintStay tuned to the Facebook page for the November 2014 annual event info in NYC and Toronto. Get in touch if you would like to join the list of cities that host this event in coming years.

2013 Event information:

NYC ->

Sunday, November 10th
11am – 7pm

Brooklyn Open Acupuncture (88 S. Portland Ave.)

Book an appointment for acupuncture or herbal medicine for yourself or as a gift for someone who deserves it.  Your $15 – $50 sliding scale donation is tax-deductible & supports Dr. Shakur’s legal defense, commissary essentials, and projects promoting justice for the Black community.

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The Family & Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur, in collaboration with colleagues and comrades, dedicate this day to fighting the new norm of rampant chronic disease.  We do so in the spirit of Dr. Shakur and all of those who fight for holistically healthy lives: mind, body and spirit.


NOVEMBER 17, 2013

Fight The Good Fight: Treat Yourself to Traditional Health Care to Benefit Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Please join us on Sunday Nov. 17th from 11am-7pm in a day of traditional health care, education and empowerment.  Six Degrees Community Acupuncture alongside Drop The Needle Acupuncture Advocacy will be hosting the first fundraiser of its kind honouring the revolutionary Dr. Mutulu Shakur (Doctor of Acupuncture) and all the Healer Activists who continue to struggle to keep traditional medicine alive.

Heal & Honour – We will be offering Acupuncture (community & private sessions), Shiatsu, Reiki/Energy Work, Yoga, Tai Chi and other classes all at PWYC (Pay What You Can) and Sliding Scale rates.

Educate & Empower – Keeping aligned with the Health Activist movements from the 60s & 70s in America, we will also host an informative panel on self-care, running an “ask the practitioner” area and closing the day with a screening of BET’s American Gangster episode on Dr. Mutulu Shakur and more.




CLASS SCHEDULE || FRONT ROOM (PWYC, suggested donation $10)

11:30AM-12:30PM – MARTIAL ARTS FOR KIDS with Adisa of Courage Warriors
12:45PM-1:45PM – TAI CHI with Dondrub Wangchuk
2:00PM-3:00PM – BROWN BEINGS YOGA with nisha ahuja of Brown Girls Yoga


11:30AM-3:00PM – COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE with Kandiss Fernando and Amrit Singh of Drop The Needle Acupuncture Advocacy


11:30AM-3:00PM – Book any treatments from:
Ayurvedic Head Massage and/or Ayurvedic Consultations with
Sairupa Krishnamurti
Naturopathic Doctor Consultations and/or Bowen Treatments with
Jiselle Griffith (www.jisellegriffith.ca)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultations with
Amrit Singh (www.droptheneedle.ca)
Shiatsu with Rian Opeifa
Acupuncture and/or Shiatsu with Lamia Gibson (www.pokeme.ca/)
Reiki Energy Work with nisha ahuja (www.nishaahuja.com)


4:00PM-5.15PM – PANEL: How To Own Your Own Health – A discussion on self-care, how to empower yourself in the western medical system, learn about traditional health care options for yourself and how food security is affecting our communities.

5:30PM-6:30PM – SCREENING: BET’s AMERICAN GANGSTER: MUTULU SHAKUR – A short video biography on Dr. Mutulu Shakur discussing his life with the Black Liberation Army, Republic of New Afrika, being Tupac’s Father and how he used Acupuncture to heal and empower thousands of local, poor & people of colour communities.

Please visit www.facebook.com/fightthegoodfightfundraiser event for more information.
Bookings and inquiries can be made at [email protected] or by calling 416.662.0564

Funds raised will be going The Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur organization in NYC to support his legal defense, commissary, and publishing projects promoting justice for the Black community. In addition, we will also be offering a share of proceeds to Anishnawbe Health Centre, to honour our Indigenous comrades whose land we practice on.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a safe space for all beings.

A Message to the Montefiore-Einstein Medical Center Doctors of Family & Community Medicine

montefiore-einstein-signIn extending great enthusiasm and support for the objectives of the Montefiore Medical Center Community Doctors (MMCCD), I have kept in mind that 45 years ago an army of committed and concerned have-nots did take a realistic look at the state of the under-served health population in the City of New York, and; From all angles in the streets, community centers, hospitals and mobile experimental units tried to apply a predictable skill, and alternative modalities in which to give some predictability and healing for our community.

That (MMCCD) has decided to resuscitate/professionalize and to apply the same theory in these days and times could not have come at a more crucial stage in the role health care is playing or not playing in the political theater of the United States political paradigm. The awareness of the masses to the motives of the state must ultimately be revealed, by an astute politically conscious and medically deprived population. The revealing stage of the objectives of the American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies of 45 years ago was revealed when the collaboration of the state, city and national political apparatus made an attempt to convince the population that the war on drugs could be won and controlled by the introduction of a deadly chemical methadone.

I salute you, the medical cadres of the Black Panther Party, The Young Lords Party, Peoples Free Health Centers, Lincoln Detox, May 19th, John Brown Anti-Klan and; The Republic of New Africa salutes them as well for utilizing all the powers at their disposal to force the victims of the drug plague to submit to extraordinary doses of medication just so they would not be a part of the so called criminal class. We called it then as it was, chemical warfare, and chemical Genocide.

Today we have tons of research and great practitioners such as doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, midwives and activists that are trying to make up for the lack of consistent consciousness of the masses as to the effectiveness of alternative medicine. The task will be hard, and the opposition by the pharmaceutical companies and the media, will be severe.

I look forward to see the day that the work of our past comrades will be carried on by the work of MMCCD and others; Because so many of those comrades are underground, in prison, martyred or in exile. They suffered tremendous damages and casualties because of their effort to provide health care to the masses. If there are those who doubt this, then they should join me in calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on how the FBI’s illegal Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) conducted low intensity warfare waged against alternative health care in the 60′, 70′s, and 80′s.

Thank you all who provide the opportunity for resurrecting the work of community-based medicine and; I am very proud that the municipal hospitals in the city of New York make available the alternative acupuncture treatment that we started at Lincoln Detox and carried on in BAAANA for the victims of the Drug Plague, Post-Traumatic Stress, and secondary conditions.

I congratulate Montefiore-Einstein for this innovation.

Aim High and Go All Out,
Long live the spirit of Lincoln Detox and BAAANA,
Stiff resistance,

Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Fight the Good Fight: A Holistic Healthcare Fundraiser- Brooklyn, NYC – November 11, 2012

For everyone fighting the good fight: Treat yourself to holistic health care to benefit Dr. Mutulu Shakur!

Choose from acupuncture, herbal and flower essence consultations, massage, private yoga lessons, & reiki, or book a treatment as a gift for someone who deserves it.

When: Sunday, November 11th from 12-7 pm

Where: Brooklyn Open Acupuncture

$15 – $60 sliding scale*

Walk in or Schedule Your Appointment: http://bit.ly/R3NVnF

*Donations are tax-deductible go to support Dr. Shakur’s legal defense, commissary essentials, and projects promoting justice for the Black community.

The Brooklyn Open Acupuncture Clinic where this event will be held is located near the following subways and buses:

More information on Dr. Shakur:

In 1970 Dr. Shakur was employed by the Lincoln Detox Community Program for addiction treatment as a political education instructor. His role evolved to include counseling and treatment of withdrawal symptoms with acupuncture. Eventually, he became the Program’s Assistant Director and remained associated with the program until 1978.

From 1978 to 1982, Dr. Shakur was the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America (BAAANA) and the Harlem Institute of Acupuncture. Where, at Lincoln, Dr. Shakur had managed a detox program recognized as the largest and most effective of its kind, at BAAANA he continued his remarkable work and also treated thousands of poor and elderly patients who would otherwise have no access to treatment of this type.  By the late 1970′s Dr. Shakur’s work in acupuncture and drug detoxification was both nationally and internationally known.

In 1986, Dr. Shakur was charged under the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization” or ‘RICO’ laws for 8 counts of conspiracy to aid bank expropriation and aiding in the prison escape of Assata Shakur. The U.S. government alleged that Mutulu’s political associates constituted a racketeering enterprise. He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to 60 years imprisonment with a recommendation of no parole.  While all appeals have been denied, he does have an application for sentence reduction that is pending and is preparing a presidential pardon application.  Dr. Shakur has now been incarcerated for over 20 years!  This event will support the next phase of work for Mutulu’s freedom.





Health Activist Award Ceremonies

The following Health Activist Awards were presented at a series of ceremonies to honor healthcare workers promoting social justice.  Dr. Shakur was instrumental in hosting the ceremonies honoring their achievements.  Family and Friends of Mutulu Shakur now continue to host annual holistic healing events now in the form of the Fight the Good Fight fundraisers.

dr_mcintosh2008: Dr. James McIntosh

Dr. McIntosh is a psychiatrist and Co-Chair of CEMOTAP (Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People).  For years, the Queens, NY based organization has been actively confronting various members of the local and national media for inaccurate negative media portrayals. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring Dr. McIntosh]

2005: Dr. Jewel Pookrum

JewelPookrumA pioneer in wholistic™ medicine; with a strong emphasis on healing through mental and spiritual wellness. Dr. Jewel created The J.E.W.E.L Network with a mission to broadcast the sciences of life and living in a clear and accurate format. She, also, educates on the importance of nurturing the brain to support the health of the body through Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program, which uses ancient sacred geometry to increase brain power and neuron activity through a focusing exercise; ultimately balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain empowering participants to create the life they desire.


2004: Midwives – Nonkululeko Tyehemba, Tioma Allison, and Nakawe Cuebas

Nonkululeko Tyehemba, Nurse-Midwife

Nonkululeko Tyehemba, Nurse-Midwife

Nonkululeko Tyehemba is a Harlem, New York Midwife-Activist and Co-Founder of the Harlem Birth Action Committee (HBAC) along with Nakawe Cuebas. HBAC is a non-profit, grassroots, community-based organization, founded in 1989, which has done much to motivate, agitate, and educate women and their families, about overuse of medicalization of childbirth techniques. Tioma Allison, RN, is a certified nurse-midwife with extensive experience in home birth and well-woman gyn care based in Brooklyn. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring the midwives.]

2003: HIV/AIDS Activists – Dr. Barbara Zeller, Dafine Biyete, Dr. Alan Berkman, Yolanda Castro and Jackie Haught

Dr. Alan Berkman discussing AIDS in Tanzania

Dr. Alan Berkman discussing AIDS in Tanzania

In 2003, Dr. Zeller volunteered as a physician in Durban, South Africa, hoping her experience treating HIVers in New York City could be of use in the coastal Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) province where leaders have been outspoken in challenging the government for not providing HIV medications through the public health system.

Dr. Berkman is a renowned HIV/AIDS doctor who founded of Health GAP (Global Access Project) in 1999.  Health GAP is dedicated to eliminating barriers to global access to affordable life-sustaining medications for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Jackie Haught founded Blue Lotus Acupuncture Center, which provides Traditional Chinese Medical services for a broad range of conditions including HIV/AIDS.

2001: Acupuncturist – Beverly Hutchinson

At the end of the 1980’s, out of the Peoples Alternative Health Center providing low cost fasting, acupuncture, massage, meditation, and herbs, began the First World Women of Color Healing Circle founded by Esperanza Martell, Urayoana Trinidad, Marta Morales, and Beverly Hutchinson. The Healing Circle targeted community organizers to train them in the areas of natural healing and emotional release. The mission was that they would in turn take the information and heal their communities. The Healing Circle utilized ancient healing techniques to work with community organizers who were in deep emotional and physical pain and burning out fast while trying to do grassroots work. Serving hundreds of women in all areas of work (teachers, social workers, organizers, health care workers etc.) the Healing Circle was successful in providing an alternative for emotional healing and helping realize many women’s dreams. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring Beverly.]

2000: Dr. Walter Bosque and Dr. Kokayi Patterson

Walter Bosque

Dr. Walter Bosque

In the 1960’s, young people began to seriously organize their communities in response to the oppressive conditions in education, housing, health and the general deterioration of our communities nationwide. In New York, the Young Lords party and the Black Panther Party started attacking the problem by organizing garbage protests, freedom schools, and health care actions. As a coalition they began Health Revolutionary Action Movement (HRAM), which organized against lead poisoning, took over Lincoln Hospital and the Department of Health Immunization Van to do community TB testing and began to develop grassroots community health care programs and models.  Among the participants was Drs. Walter Bosque, Mutulu Shakur and Urayoana Trinidad who founded the Lincoln Detox Acupuncture Clinic. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring Dr. Bosque.]

Dr. Kokayi Patterson is the founder of the African Wholistic Health Association.  Prior to his becoming an Acupuncture Specialist in Detox in 1979 Kokayi Patterson was a Drug Counselor and Program Manger/Director specializing in Residential Treatment, Community Outreach, Youth Counseling for 35 years, where he first witnessed acupuncture being used in 1970 at a local Drug Center. He assisted in the development of a Wholistic Approach to Residential Treatment, which included exercise, meditation, quality water, partial vegetarian diet, herbs, vitamins, AcuDetox, massage etc. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring Dr. Kokayi.]

1999: Acupuncturist – Urayoana Trinidad

Urayoana Trinidad is the first Puerto Rican woman to be a licensed acupuncturist. She graduated from The Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America and The Quebec Institute of Traditional Acupuncture. She has studied different aspects of Chinese medicine in depth and has dedicated herself to the study of Classical Chinese medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, who is internationally renown for sharing the advanced wisdom of Daoist medicine to practitioners. She brings this knowledge to every patient and through the Rooted in Health workshops shares this knowledge with folks who want to empower themselves to conserve or regain their health.

Urayoana has taught oriental medical theory to acupuncture students and been in the forefront of using acupuncture and other modalities in the Latino and African American communities since 1981. During this time, as well as, having a private practice she has founded community alternative health programs and worked in HIV / AIDS and drug treatment programs in the Bronx, Harlem and Queens. Urayoana is committed to bringing quality health care and holistic health education to all who seek to integrate this type of health care into their lives. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring Urayoana Trinidad.]


1998: Acupuncturist – Dr. Shadidi Beatrice Kinsey

In 1992, Dr. Kinsey became the first African-American to be licensed by New York State to practice acupuncture. Her interest in acupuncture began in 1981, when she read a story in the New York Amsterdam News about the Harlem Institute of Acupuncture. She subsequently enrolled in the school, and later became a certified doctor of acupuncture at the International Institute of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in Canada and co-founded the P.E.A.C.E. Health Center in Brooklyn. [Read Dr. Shakur’s statement honoring Dr. Kinsey]

Honoring Dr. Beatrice Kinsey



It brings me great joy to bestow the Health Activist Award upon our sister Dr. Beatrice Kinsey. This is the first award granted in the field of acupuncture from our community to one of our own.

Dr. Kinsey searched out The Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America (B.A.A.A.N.A.) in Harlem in the late 1970’s. B.A.A.A.N.A. was the forerunner of New African acupuncture in Harlem and North America. Our organization was under intense repression and media attack for providing alternate health care in general as well as for treatment of drug addiction. Dr. Kinsey chose our school knowing the risk of being labeled politically and professionally.

B.A.A.A.N.A. was not just a health care provider. It maintained a connection and support for the various struggles of self-determination of Third World people. As a result the FBI’s Counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) targeted and attacked B.A.A.A.N.A. in the early 1980’s to the degree that we were unable to survive in that form.

Remaining in our community, Sister Beatrice followed our first B.A.A.A.N.A. graduate cadres under the able and dynamic leadership of Sister Dr. Urayoana Trinidad at the First World Acupuncture Association of Harlem.

Finishing her training at First World, Dr. Kinsey was accredited internationally by the International Association of Acupuncture headquartered in Montreal. Our historical ally and professional master of acupuncture Dr. Mario Wexu representing the great Dr. Oscar Wexu did this.

Dr. Kinsey fought with Dr. Trinidad to force New York State to fulfill its obligation and commitment, demanded by the earlier work of B.A.A.A.N.A. to establish acupuncture licensing in New York. The end result has brought into reality the organization Positive Education Always Corrects Errors (P.E.A.C.E.) Health Center located in our community of Brooklyn making alternative health care available to our people.

What I’ve outlined is a description of what our Sister Dr. Beatrice has done to become a healer. I will attempt to outline the type of person she is to master the art of healing. The art of healing requires a high form of spiritual intuitiveness. The struggle to learn acupuncture over the last three decades within the context of our political and philosophical view was not easy. It required a realistic New World view after experiencing COINTELPRO and the resistance of the American Medical Association.

The skill of treatment required that we become spiritually based. I’m not talking about the “spirit” unconnected to matter or spirit on a cerebral intellectual level. I’m talking about the spirit, which is a part of your own spirituality that gives you an appreciation of cosmic inter-relationships. One’s ability to relate to metaphysical levels of experiences. It unites thought and feeling and therapy. Specifically and most important as a healer the spirit gives us health intuitiveness, an understanding of our environment, community and interpersonal thought that guides us to our future. A future unattainable without the spiritual guidance in “Bolekaja,” a Yoruba term meaning “Come on down let’s fight.”

This is the type of person Dr. Beatrice Kinsey is. We thank you Sister Beatrice. It is my hope that a tradition has been established in honoring you.

It is written, “Be not impatient in delay but wait as one who understands when spirit rises and commands, the gods are ready to obey.”

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart-this you will build your life by. This you will become. Congratulations on Becoming.

I am honored to be a part of this history.






Dr. Mutulu Shakur

In Honor of Walter Bosque

Dr. Walter Bosque has been a pillar of the struggle for alternative healthcare for three decades.  His struggle for accreditation was not to validate himself professionally but to allow his skills as a healer to be placed at the service of people in need.

As part of the organized acupuncture collective I had the honor and privilege to be a comrade with Brother Walter in the struggle to advance acupuncture as a method for treating drug addiction.

The role people play is best understood within the context of history.  In the early 1970’s Dr. Bosque was involved in the struggle for the independence of his nation, Puerto Rico.  He also fought to improve the quality of life of the people who were targeted for a drug plague- a plague started by the same government that has been oppressing his nation.

In the south Bronx, the Lincoln Detox Program was started by the people of two nations struggling for their right to self-determination.  The trust gained in order that we might be allowed to research the effect if acupuncture on drug addiction and the related secondary symptoms required honor among our collective- a code made among ourselves that had to be evident to patients and the masses.  Within this context, the Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) made it a high priority to divide the Puerto Rican and New Afrikan people.  Dr. Bosque responded by demonstrating such a high degree of cross-cultural competence and skill that it could only have been due to his love of all people.  Thus, without his work, the efforts of the US government and the various pharmaceutical companies in their war against Lincoln Detox to divide and conquer would ave succeeded.

We honor a man with a wonderful spirit- a man whose contributions have gone unrecognized for too long.  We honor a man who has fought his battles and has survived to struggle another day.

Today I have a chance t express my respect and love to Dr. Walter Bosque, my friend and comrade.  Long live your example.  Congratulations.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur

In Tribute to Dr. Kokayi Patterson

Dr. Kokayi comes to his training in an exceptional way.  He was one of the cadre who was a victim of chemical genocide tactics when introduced to the healing art of acupuncture.  He also made his mark in a therapeutic community, which looked at the politics of their addiction as a key element of the treatment program.

Although he struggled in Washington, DC – quite a distance fro the core base in the Bronx where the initial work in this field was being done – he maintained clarity and his determination enabled him to develop his art and skills as a healer.

We first heard of Kokayi through the great neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Matthew, who in the early 1970’s ran a program called N.E.G.R.O., which operated from location in New York and Washington, DC.  The program was designed to confront the drug plague and a basic principle was self-reliance.  Dr. Matthew told us about a drug program in DC called RAP, Inc., which ran its therapeutic sessions on the same principles as Lincoln Detox, that is, political education sessions.  RAP intensely opposed all forms of methadone.  We were told that the program was run by Brother Ron Clarke, and that a dynamic young Brother by the name of Kokayi ran the political education sessions.

Back then, a major target of the struggle was the National Drug Abuse Council.  This was the federal agency that made policy concerning the so-called war on drugs.  What they tried to do was shape the thinking in the field to support methadone maintenance and the Rockefeller Program.  Alternative treatment modalities were being increasingly ignored.  Their policy was to fund only methadone programs, and to diminish funding to drug-free alternatives.  Dr. Kokayi Patterson and his comrades Brothers Yango Sawyer and Ron Clarke supported our struggles to expose and criticize this agency.  Bro. Kokayi, a transformed drug victim, gave a dynamic presentation at the National Drug Abuse Council convention articulating the benefits of alternative treatments.

Dr. Kokayi Patterson has always been n the struggle for his people’s right to self-determination.  His self-acclamation as a New Afrikan was a powerful personal transformation.  His love for his comrades and his sacrifices cannot be fully presented in this venue but there is no question that he is a freedom fighter.

His tour of duty includes RAP, Inc., Blacks Against Abuse of Drugs, Lincoln Detox, Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America, and the Republic of New Afrika.  Yet, he continues to provide the healing art to the masses and continues the legacy of his fallen comrades in both the healing struggle and the liberation movement.

For this, I am grateful, my Brother.  You honor our ancestors with your ability to survive and be productive.  Dr. Kokayi Patterson, by little Brother, I am truly proud of you and congratulate you on being a recipient of this award.

Stay true to your essence.  May we heal more than they destroy.  Much love and respect.

Stiff Resistance,
Dr. Mutulu Shakur


Honoring Urayoana Trinidad, Acupuncturist

This award has a very special meaning to me, for if it were not for Urayoana the history of BAANA would have a very different path.

I’m not only extremely honored, but grateful as well, to Urayoana for her dedication, foresight, and humanity that gave forth to the second generation of our dreams and hopes of BAANA legacy.

In the beginning, in the early 70’s, through her discipline as a psychologist she watched with a clinical eye at the practice and style of work at Lincoln Detox.  Clearly interested as a natural rebel, she and her partner Shaheem at all times supported us professionally, politically as well as personally.  Those were the ‘Hay Days’ of Lincoln Detox and acupuncture.

The National Institute of Health, the National Drug Abuse Council, Addiction Service Agency of New York and the Health and Hospital Cooperation- not to say anything of the COINTELPRO infiltration of the FBI the boss in NYC directed by personal vindictiveness by the then Board of Estimate Chairman, Ed Koch, and his henchmen Charles Schummer and National Caucus of Labor Committee under the leadership of Lyndon LaRauge- made our lives under extreme pressure almost impossible and fending off licensing.  We were developing and preparing proposals for every aforementioned agency to satisfy research protocols, provide treatment and fight hand-to-hand combat in the street to survive.  Although, at this point not a part of the treatment team, Urayoana with her credentials assisted professionally, therapeutically and fought with us at every level.

As one of the most dedicated students at Lincoln Hospital, she fought to keep the classes and treatment available when the only building left functioning was the nurses residence.

I would like to take this time to thank Urayoana for her steadfastness in continuing the dreams of Lincoln Detox and BAANA Acupuncture Unit and for all of the aforementioned sacrifices as we saw it demystifying the art of healing called acupuncture-  to make it available for the masses as an economically feasible treatment moderately accessible in the community.  Thereby we put in the hands of the masses a skill that could be used on the grassroots level to confront the drug plagues be they methadone, heroin, cocaine, crack, alcohol or to confront the contradictions of overuse of prescription drugs.

It is so important in one’s life that we see our dreams and sacrifices come to fruition when faced with overwhelming odds.

Urayoana, mind you suffer much as we are all now aware of the stress and trauma of ‘low-intensity warfare,’ brought on by COINTELPRO during the government’s attempt to destroy BAANA.  Urayoana’s husband at the time spent almost 3 years in prison for refusing to collaborate with the government’s ‘witch hunt.’  This wonderful sister kept her family together, organized a structure to support other grad jury resisters and build a support structure to continue the healing at BAANA.

For that I’m so thankful and proud to have been a part of her development.  Sister Urayoana, from the beginning, has always been cerebral, allowing her mind to dictate her destiny.  Her journey into the art of healing has demonstrated to her that the mind is not stronger than the soul. In the end, when faced with personal crisis and political oppression and a determination to show love and respect to her instructors, patients and most of all to her principles, it was her soul that gave force to the development of First World Acupuncture.

We recognize tonight an exceptional warrior for the people.  Her honor is well, well deserved.  Her wounds inflicted from her sacrifice must be comforted with our love.  Our legacy must continue and so it will, thanks to the principle and love and soul of Urayoana.

From mine eyes, rivers run up the stream
confidence flows through the
veins – clarity is a friend of mine – reigning in my life before me
dashing energy while enlightening
my essence – making me whole

I love you my Sister
I’m proud of you
I give you my respect
for I know that very few
things worthwhile come easy

As always, prepare for war, prepare for natural disasters and do all that we can for the people.  This you exemplify!

Aim high and go all out!!
Still Resistant!
Dr. Mutulu Shakur